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Welcome to the Jay School Corporation Health Services! Our goal is to promote and protect the health of our students because children are “The Health of Our Future”. The School Nurse strives to achieve and maintain the best possible health status of all students so they may benefit fully from educational experiences.

The Nursing Staff is always there to care for your ill or injured child, but we also focus on providing health education and health promotion. We present classroom instruction throughout the school year, such as giving developmentally geared talks about Hand Washing and Hygiene to grades Pre – 5 at the beginning of the school year; Dental Care in February during National Dental Health Month for grades K-2, and a "Growing Up" Puberty presentation to fifth grade boys and girls. TAR WARS, a smoking prevention program, is presented each Spring to fourth graders that teaches about the harmful effects of tobacco. The high school age student also learns about topics related to self care. We love bringing healthy subjects into the classroom!

Of course, medication administration is a big part of what we do. We have a systematic way of making sure the right medication is given to the right student at the right time! We will take good care of your child while at school and we do this by communicating with parents and guardians regularly.

We invite you to come see us to discuss your child’s new or updated health information anytime throughout the school year. We encourage you to contact your child’s school nurse whenever the need arises. Please call your child’s school or email us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Nancy Berry, BSN, RN
Health Services Coordinator
Jay School Corporation



In partnership with our families and the community, the mission of the Jay School Corporation is to provide a quality educational program, which causes each student to think, reason, and communicate and to make positive contributions to our community.