Special Education

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So, what is special education? Some families are new to special education and may feel overwhelmed. Other families have been involved in its services for several years.
New or veteran, families and educators need to be aware of the processes and vocabulary of special education in order to serve our students who have special learning needs.
Please click on the headings below to find links to informational resources that are of interest to families who have a child with special needs.


General Family Resources
Click here to find many sources that have sections specifically designed to provide information for parents who have children with special learning needs. Explore the links to find topics of interest to your family.




How can I best ‘speak up’ for and support my child’s educational needs?




Communication Skills
Are my child’s teachers and I ‘speaking the same language’?



Disability Information
How can I find out more about a specific disability?



Homework Help




What is an IEP (Individual Education Program)?



Parent Training
Is there training available so I can learn more about special education services and topics?



Special Education Services
What are the steps of obtaining special education services?



What do I need to know about helping my child to transition across educational settings and into adulthood?





In partnership with our families and the community, the mission of the Jay School Corporation is to provide a quality educational program, which causes each student to think, reason, and communicate and to make positive contributions to our community.